Our fish landing station opens the 2th of September 2020. We welcome new and old fishermen. At the facility, we offer gutting at land. If anyone is interested in fishing with long line, we try to provide baiting-help, assuming that fishermen contact us at least 3 weeks before arrival.

We are located at Sjøveien 33 in Lødingen, more specifically in the inner harbor right next to Lødingen Mechanical. Lødingen offers excellent services to fishermen, including access to a modern harbour, marine boat and engine services, several grocery shops, a marina and several good restaurants.

Welcome to us 🙂


Lofoten Sea Products sell all types of white fish delivered to the plant by fishermen. These include saithe, halibut, cod, redfish, haddock, monkfish etc.

Most of the fish is packed on ice in polystyrene crates or pallet collar crates.

Lofoten Sea Products is officially approved by the Norwegian Food Safety Authority with certificate number N-2266 for receiving and processing fish.

The plant is also MSC certified.

Prospective buyers of our products are kindly asked to contact the general manager.



Quality does not come about automatically. High quality is the result of work to ensure high quality. At Lofoten Sea Products, it is our sincere desire that everyone who eats fish – whether it be diners at a fish restaurant in Oslo, a student in Rome or a native resident of Lødingen – will have …